How I Was Finally Able To Diagnose My Candida With Candia5

Disclaimer: This is my personal candia5 review. I am not a doctor nor professional please consult with your doctor if you want to order candia5 or want further review of candia5.

I remember reading the symptoms and causes of people’s yeast infections, and it really didn’t make sense why I would get them. I wouldn’t just get yeast infection, but I would get athlete’s foot, ringworm, etc. I read that it’s because I wasn’t hygienic enough and I should wash after I use it, but I made sure I did that. I always washed myself thoroughly after working out, scrubbing myself completely from head to toe, but it just never helped, doctors always said the same thing.

After researching I found out that there was more to taking care of your body than just showering. There is a lot that happens on the inside and just because you get an infection like athlete’s foot on your feet, doesn’t mean it’s exactly isolated to your feet. Your body is sometimes showing you signs that you have to take care of this before it gets worse. This isn’t the situation for everybody but it was the situation for me.

So looking at what the possibilities could be left me narrowing down my selections. Either I was insanely unlucky, and completely unhygienic or I had candidiasis which seemed like what I had. I had all the same symptoms of somebody with candida, but no real way to prove that I did and no way to diagnose candida at the same time. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to easily find a doctor who was all for natural medicines and routes, so I looked at naturopaths, called them up over the phone and asked what they thought about candida.

Candida seemed to be widely acknowledged in the naturopathic community so I visited the doctor who I felt made me the most comfortable discussing my various health issues. We spent about an hour, and I poured out all my issues as if he was my therapist more than my doctor. He said that it was quite common dealing with these issues, and many people do not know how to handle them. They just go from doctor to doctor and are left feeling nothing but disappointment after trying out countless different medications that are supposed to "help" them with their issues only to make their immune systems the weakest it’s ever been.

He left his office and came back with a very simple looking test. He told me that many people online would use these weird methods of diagnosing like using saliva, to tell them if they had candida and he used to send it to a lab, but this was far easier for him and the patient. There was no waiting for a week before he could give me a diagnosis, all he had to do was give me a quick finger prick, wait 5 minutes and I would have accurate results. The test was called candia5. It did confirm my fears that I had candida, but there was nothing else needed, from here on out it was a strict diet, antifungals, and high quality probiotics.

Going to the naturopath was probably one of the best choices that I made for my health. My health now is better than it was 10 years earlier when I was at the “prime” of my life. I later found out that the same candia5 test could be done in your home, and with the same results. You can probably use it to tell your naturopath and have them design a custom diet for you.